Business of the House: Independent Complaints and Grievance Policy (28 Feb 2018)
Simon Hart: We only have to look outside this place to realise that almost every other industry in the UK has something called continual professional development. If the dinosaurs do not like being dragged into that, they know what the alternative is.

Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Fly-tipping (19 Dec 2017)
Simon Hart: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, what assessment his Department has made of the effect on wildlife or husbanded animals of fly tipping?

Written Answers — Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority: Members' Staff (19 Dec 2017)
Simon Hart: To ask the hon. Member for Broxbourne, representing the Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, whether the Committee has had sight of the legal advice received by IPSA on connected parties; and if he will place a copy of that advice in the Library.

Committees: RBS Rural Branch Closures (18 Dec 2017)
Simon Hart: Will the Minister give way?

Committees: RBS Rural Branch Closures (18 Dec 2017)
Simon Hart: I shall be very brief. A number of Members of Parliament find it very difficult to engage with RBS and NatWest about closures when they tell us that it is all about footfall—about the number of people who go into their branches. Employees tell us one thing and the banks tell us another. Perhaps the Government would have more influence than us in establishing what the true figures are....

Harassment in Public Life (18 Dec 2017)
Simon Hart: On that point, the Committee on Standards in Public Life, of which I am a member, reported in some detail on party leadership. It strikes me that simply calling out bad behaviour may be going nothing like far enough, so will the Home Secretary, at least on behalf of our party, assure us that not only will offending activists and third parties be brought to book, but it will be done in a...

Animal Welfare (12 Dec 2017)
Simon Hart: Does my hon. Friend recognise that the decline in bovine TB in Wales is no more distinct in the areas where vaccination takes place than it is in areas where vaccination does not take place? Indeed, the Welsh Government are now considering whether they need to bring in a limited cull because the existing methods are not working. I hope he takes that into account.

Backbench Business: Rural Economy of Wales (28 Nov 2017)
Simon Hart: Does the hon. Gentleman agree that the technology already exists? It is available in the Alps, in Norway, and in the highlands of Scotland. The technology is, to some extent, proven. What is actually required, as I am sure the Minister will confirm, is political will.

Lowland Curlew (17 Oct 2017)
Simon Hart: By way of an example and to reinforce my right hon. Friend’s comments on predator control, on the island of Caldey, just off Pembrokeshire, it was decided to simply eliminate the resident population of rats. It cost £75,000 of private money and was a straightforward operation. No permissions were necessary. Within less than a year, puffins have returned and the skylark population...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: HMS Queen Elizabeth (9 Oct 2017)
Simon Hart: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what jets are being used on HMS Queen Elizabeth until the F-35 comes into service.

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