25 AUG 2016


The first steps have been taken to try to protect a beautiful cove near Pendine from wild campers and fly-tipping.

Morfa Bychan near Pendine is owned by the National Trust but it's become a hotspot for illegal campers who leave behind piles of rubbish and human excrement.

Simon Hart MP set up a meeting at the beach between all the parties with an interest in keeping the bay special: the National Trust, the local county councillor Jane Tremlett, Welsh Water who visit their pumping station at the bay daily, Natural Resources Wales who are responsible for the SSSI that covers the area and Carmarthenshire County Council who maintain the footpaths and are responsible for the lane to the beach.

"The problem we have is that the lane is a BOAT or Byway Open to All Traffic and that means that cars have access and people are coming down in numbers to camp, some of them for the whole summer," explained Mr Hart.

On the day of the visit, despite recent heavy rain, there were six cars, three vans and two sets of tents at the beach.

"Unfortunately, the bay is now a magnet for people who are coming down with vans full of equipment and who set up for the summer with boats and scrambler bikes.

"Welsh Water officials also showed us the area behind the electric sub-station - where their staff have to check equipment regularly – which is being used as a latrine and it's really quite disgusting what they are having to avoid stepping in."

It was agreed that the County Council will look into the possibility of applying for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) on the BOAT which could result in a lockable gate being installed at the top of the lane.

"The law says that the council as Highway Authority can apply a TRO in order to "preserve the amenities of the area through which the road runs" and I think we have plenty of proof that Morfa Bychan is being ruined by a few selfish people," added Mr Hart.

"It is a long process however and will take quite a lot of discussion and negotiation. I have been encouraged by the number of local residents who have been in touch to support my campaign to keep the bay special and I am hopeful that we are now making progress."

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